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Everything you see on this page is about the old version
The latest version can be downloaded at the Metalab Wiki.

Everything you see on this page is about the old version
The latest version can be downloaded at the kybernet.org wiki.

kybernet is down :( but at least you can download evocall at the Metalab Wiki

EvoCell simulates arbitrary many 2D cellular automaton in parallel with Moore neighbourhood (8 neigbours), 6 states and arbitrary transition rules. It also allows the user to evolve the rules. But beware...it's addictive!


send me an email if you have any questions


Q: It's slow
A: Run less simulations in parallel or change the size of the grid in the menu
Config -> Simulation Properties
sims is the number of simulations

Q: what are this numbers 1, 2, 3, ..., 8, 9
A: The Simulations you see are numbered like this
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Q: How do I evolve my own rules
A: select a mutation algorithm from the dropdown list that hast "thin Out" selected
Then press one of the mutate buttons (the number of the simulation you want create mutations of)


Q: das programm is leider arg langsam bei mir
A: hast du eh auf nur eine sim gestellt?
Q: ich hab keine ahnung wie ich das mach
A: ganz einfach: Config -> Simulation Properties
da bei sims: 1 einstellen

Q: Wie aendere ich die farben
A: Colors -> neon noveau zum beispiel.

Q: is da auch schon ein state-editor dabei?
A: ja einfach auf eine Zelle klicken

Q: wie mutiere ich die regeln?
A: wenn du mehr als eine sim hast, dann gibts auf der seite die evolve buttons...die zuordnung der nummern zu den einzelnen sims sind:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
und wenn du bestimmte bereiche in deinem muster gezielt mutieren lassen willst, dann check das hakerl bei directed evo und click auf den bereich, den du mutieren lassen willst...nimm unterschiedliche mutationsregeln bei der dropdown leiste auf der "thin Out" steht.


A new completely rewritten version of evocell is under development. this new version will suport arbitrary dimensions and neigbourhoods. here you can download the final release of the old version. it was hacked into its final shape the night between 30th and 31st of may 2004 at remedy (it was used for the visuals). its a complete mess BUT it works (most of the time). if you don't have time to evolve your own rules, download some!
have fun.


Sourcecode released under the GNU General Public License

The latest version can be downloaded at the kybernet.org wiki.

it needs java 1.4.2 or newer so download java if you haven't allready.
EvoCell was developed using the great tool eclipse
evocell icon

older versions

version v6 final (java source & class files)
version v6 Cam (java source & class files) HIGHLY Experimental

Rules - Genetic Material


gardener2 evolved
gardener2 adapted
cool goldfish builder
best of 4 states rules


new wave
life cycle rules
ALL rules (~17MB!)


download rule: gardener2 evolved

download rule: gardener2 adapted