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How should the marker be found? Manually click onto the 4 corners in clockwise order to start the perspective correction
Click inside the inner white area of the marker to start the perspective correction
not implemented yet: Automatic marker detection: Click anywhere in the image to start the perspective correction
Dimensions DPI of output image:
Inner Width of marker in mm:
Inner Height of marker in mm:
How should the perspective correction be done? (Multiple output paths can be selected for comparison) Javascript/Canvas using No Filter/Nearest Neighbour (slow for large images)
Javascript/Canvas using Bilinear Interpolation (slow for large images)
ImageMagick command line (recommended for larger DPI)
How does it work? Show me the guts! Show Sobel Gradient Image
Show Mask Image used for clipping
Show Clipped Gradient Image
Show Clipped Sobel Gradient Image with vectorized lines

Change the Input Image:

Result Images will be created here.

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